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Rainbows in Nature WIPE UP's , Set of 6 - Reusable Napkins Tissues Eco Friendly Earth Safe RTS Ready To Ship

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A SMALL change can make a BIG difference!

Last set in this rainbow print!

Super soft washable wipes that can be used to replace so many items around your home reducing the impact on our enviroment. 

Ways that we love to use our WIPE UP's - Tissues, Napkins, Baby Wipes, Dryer Sheets, Cleaning Rags and many more!

** You'll receive a set of 6 WIPE UP's in Rainbow print shown. Double sided wipes are a generous size measuring approx. 8 X 8 inches. **

 Made from 100% Cotton Flannel fabric. Our wipes have no exposed seams! They are double stitched for durability wash after wash with no exposed stitching to snag when washed or tags to irritate little faces. 

 Please allow 3 days from purchase for shipment of your item. 

* WASH Instructions *

We have given your WIPE UP's a bath prior to creation to clean and pre-shrink them. Cotton Flannel becomes more absorbent after every wash! It may take a few washes to reach maximum absorbency. These wipes are made to be used, ALOT, 

Please wash with like colors to ensure no color bleed from any remaining dyes. 


Thank you for buying handmade!