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Rainbow Squares Matching Game - Set of 10 Colors with Bag - Memory Montessori Washable Kids Toddler

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Everyone loves Rainbow Match!

Bright, colorful squares that are perfect for any age. This fun memory game that teaches problem solving along with developing memory skills as they try to find a pair of the matching squares. Unlike traditional memory sets made of paper or cardboard these handmade squares can not be torn and can be washed! Durable double layer & double stitched felt squares. Perfect for popping in your bag while out on the go.

Your set includes:

20 Rainbow Squares, 10 pairs.

Coordinating Handmade Felt Drawstring Storage Bag

* Squares are approximately 3x3 inches and made of 2 layers of felt with attached color squares double stitched for durability.

• Machine washes cold, tumble dry low.

Please allow 3 days for shipment of your handmade match game!